Roman Shave

Short Film

In an old courtyard in Rome, a French cyclist finds a travelling barbershop for a haircut. While chatting with the barber she realises she also has to contend with the local thieves operating in the area.

cast: Letizia Letza, Désirée Giorgetti, Jonathan Silvestri, Antonio Meo, Aldo Scrofani, Jack Pagliazzi

Writer/Producer/Director: paul shottner

cinematographers: Simone Valente, Valerio Sammartino

country: italy

length: 9 Minutes

year: 2018


No 27

Short Film

A young English girl is making ends meet as a waitress in Paris. She stumbles upon an intriguing business card- a certain Francis Jones who claims to buy and sell dreams. With nothing to lose, she decides to arrange a visit. So begins a new chapter where she starts selling him her very own dreams. Until one day, things change.

cast: Emily Warren, Francis van Litsenborgh, Valérie Lalonde, Heloise Wagner, Louise Dequiricquo, Nina Chausse

writer/producer/director: Lola Peploe

cinematographer: Michael Capon

co-production with Wild Side

country: France/Italy

length: 22 Minutes

year: 2015

The Dustaphonics – Big Smoke London Town

Music Clip

Music clip for The Dustaphonics‘ song Big Smoke London Town taken from their album with the same title, published on Dirty Water Records, Fall 2013. Burlesque by Wam Bam Club.

director/producer/cinematographer: Paul Shottner

Edit by award winning Year Zero

country: Great Britain
year: 2013

Wam Bam Club

Brand Film

Promo clip for the Wam Bam Club burlesque dance ensemble, London.

director/cinematographer: Paul Shottner
choreography: Senay Taormina
country: Great Britain
year: 2013

Every Man is an Island

Film Trailer

After several years abroad, Nathan Saunders arrives back in England. He struggles with survival, managing life, love and work until realizing he has to follow his dream to be a race car driver.

cast: Cher Brighton, Paul Shottner

writer/director/cinematographer: Phil Miller
country: Great Britain
year: 2012

Dagobert - Hochzeit

Music Clip

Swiss singer/songwriter Dagobert is starring in this music clip of his song Hochzeit, shot in black & white and color, from his 2012 album out on Buback Records.

cast: Dagobert Jaeger, Maria Christine Brehmer

producer/director: Paul Shottner
cinematographer: Alex Lawrence Nabi
country: Germany/Great Britain
year: 2011

Bloodshot Bill - Lickin' the Bowl

Music Clip

A music clip shot in East Downtown Vancouver B.C. for Bloodshot Bill’s Lickin‘ the bowl, taken from his album Full Blast, 2008 Sin Records.

producer/director/cinematographer: Paul Shottner
country: Canada
year: 2008

The Elevator Series

Ongoing production

A series of short films, all set in an elevator. Sometimes serious, often hilarious, always unique. More than just vignettes, these episodes are akin to newspaper comic strips, depicting everything possible and impossible, focusing on the impossible, which could happen in an elevator.

ensemble of writers/directors: Marcelo Paz, Paul Shottner, William Wright…

year: 2006-

Part Time Mugger

Short Film

Part time mugger Al is milling about in the streets of London. He finds himself a victim at a bus stop and follows him to a quiet street. But instead of the routine mugging, Al encounters more than just one surprise…

cast: Edward Thorpe, Paul Shottner
music: M.A.S.S. (now Hey Gravity)

writer/producer/director: Paul Shottner
country:Great Britain
length:11 Minutes

year: 2004

King Fly

Short Film

A surreal drama shot in black & white, about a young New York couple redefining the limits of time and place, of life and death.

cast: Nathalia Martinez, Douglas Pestano

producer/writer/director/cinematographer: Paul Shottner
country: usa
length: 12 Minutes
year: 1996



1 Act Theatre Play

Two soldiers wake in the trenches. Forgotten by the war and the world around them, they have nothing but themselves left to fight. Struggling to come to terms with their plight, and each other, they embark on a surreal and comical trail to themselves.

writer/producer/director: Paul Shottner
country: Great Britain
year: Premiered at the Man In The Moon Theatre, London 1999, re-staged at other venues