Feature Film

A gas station in the middle of the Morrocan desert is inhabited by Awrenz, a young Arab dressed in cowboy gear, dreaming of Marlboro country. A run in with some real US Americans opens up opportunities, but soon turns expectations on their head. Via Paris, France Awrenz finally makes it to the USA, but this is not the country he envisioned.

cast: Sean Gullette, Lola Peploe, Mustapha Rachidi

writer/director: Paul Shottner

Leap into Faith

Feature Film

After the local police arrives at a dead end, private detective Tony Marceau is hired by a family desperate to find a trace of their missing daughter. What seems at first a simple missing person case, turns out to be a search for matters far deeper and mysterious than Tony can imagine.

With several leads to follow, including a reckless boyfriend, a dubious priest, a cult sect and more missing persons, Tony calls in the help of his old friend John Hillwood from the police force. They end up in a place called Mulliers Peak, where all traces seem to get lost in the sand.

Sifting through a mud of misconception, the mystery begins to unravel with an instinctive leap of faith.

writers: Andy Demetrio & Paul Shottner


Feature Film

An episodic tale following Bronx resident Frank Tannino drifting through the streets of New York.

This surreal comedy drama explores the fine line between coincidence and destiny, as Frank stumbles across an array of characters interfering with his life, in contrasting versions of the same day.

Due to circumstances and through the ups and downs of life in the city, each episode is an emotional rollercoaster, with surprising twists and turns, and will end somehow, somewhere, so different.

writer: Paul Shottner



Full-Length Play

An allegorical tale of three opposing characters, Lola, Hank and Charlie, raised and thrown together near a junkyard. As they develop their individual strengths and desires they clash and fight each other, neither ready to give in.

writer: Paul Shottner

Cabare'd - The Ecstasy of Teresa

Musical Theatre

Teresa Aprilia is a poor Italian girl arriving in London full of hopes and dreams to be on stage one day, her passion being to one day play the part of Sally Bowles in Cabaret. She finds a room in a cheap boarding house and a job as a stripper in a seedy club. Soon after, Reilley, an Irish writer moves in to the boarding house and the two become friends. She tells him about her dreams and he helps her write a little show to incorporate a few of her favourite songs from Cabaret. She finally gets a chance to work as a chorus girl at the newly re-opened famous Madame Jo Jo’s club in Soho. She becomes friends with the drag queen owner and manager, and one day, as there is an opening in the program due to illness, she gets her chance to perform. She goes down a storm and soon she is a regular feature on the bill, attracting the attention of an American theatre producer who’s come to town to find the cast for a new Broadway staging of, Cabaret…

writer: Paul Shottner


1 Act Theatre Play

Anacrusis is a drama comedy about two ageing conductors who meet late one night under a railway bridge in New York, having been ordered there by a ballerina they are both in love with.

The ballerina is never seen or heard in true form, but appears on stage in different guises throughout the play.

She has an ongoing affair with both men, but since she is in love with both and unable to give up either, she hopes she can entice them into a ménage a trois. Thus, she arranges for them to meet, to see if they can get on. Not an easy task for two intellectual egomaniacs with roots in Palestine and Israel respectively.

writer: Christian Callo